Chateau de Roussillon

Chateau de Roussillon

Château Roussillon was originally constructed in the 13th century as a military fortress. It was converted to a welcoming castle in the 16th century, hosting King Louis the 13th of France in 1632. Having undergone significant centuries of disuse, it has been lovingly restored by the current owners. Host your own Game of Thrones inspired wedding on the top of the world.  Medieval towers and moats await your imagination in this enchanting location. The reception lounges and the two inner courtyards host 110 people, and the bedrooms sleep 21.

Discover the property of Chateau de Roussillon

Composed of three medieval towers, with 7m wide defensive walls, and the big main building opening on two inner courtyards, this medieval castle will cast a spell on you.
Dreaming of a medieval or renaissance inspired wedding in the south of France? Roussillon is castle steeped in history, lovingly updated for modern life.  Perfect for an intimate wedding or celebration, it sits above the surrounding countryside. You may make a feast or a banquet and dance in the “Grande salle du roi Louis XIII”, enjoy an aperitif in the courtyard or in the vaulted cellar and accommodate your guests in the château bedrooms. With the pleasure of the event going on the next day…
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Principal living and reception rooms

The reception lounge is located in the vast south-west main building opening on to the second courtyard. It is the banquet lounge of king Louis XIII, called “Chambre de Madame”. With its 120 M2 area, it may host reception up to 110 people. Under the lounge, a beautiful vaulted cellar may be used for a reception or a wedding celebration, and as dancing room on the evening (and night…)

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Our bedrooms

You may host 21 people in the many rooms of the chateau protected by the medieval towers and the centuries old moats.
The “Tower of the Barbican” which used to protect the drawbridge entrance opens on the first courtyard. Its total 90 M2 area is split on four floors, 7 people can be accommodated in this tower in a living room and two mezzanine bedrooms, with a bath-room and a kitchen.
The “Tour de la Chapelle” is a vast carved bedroom that opens on the second courtyard. Its total 45M2 area can accommodate 5 people with a private washroom and WC.
The “Tour des Ecuries”, also known as the library, is a 70M2 housing on 3 floors, two bedrooms can accommodate 5 people.
The “Chamber of Monsieur” is a 70 M2 studio apartment which may accommodate 4 people.
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Our Rates

The property is always rented in its entirety to a single group. You will have accommodation for 21 in the towers, the large main building, the large reception hall, the vaulted cellar and two courtyards.
The rental price includes rooms to accommodate 21 people, and the charges for heating, water, electricity, garden maintenance, regular cleaning, and linens in each room. Upon request, breakfast and meals could be provided. Bed linen and towels are provided. Beds made on arrival.
Damage deposit : €1,000

Season Stay Château
Low season
October - April WE 3 days / 2 nights 3800 €  
Week 7 days / 7 nights 5800 €  
Mid season
High season
May - September WE 4 days 3 nights 4700 €  
Week 7 days 7 nights 6200 €  
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Built from the thirteenth to fifteenth century, the  Roussillon chateau originally had eight towers, three main buildings, a chapel and a cloister. The current fortress was probably built on earlier remains, in the eighth century. Roussillon was a stronghold of the Duke of Waïffre, Duke of Aquitaine, in the war against Pepin the Short.
In the thirteenth century, this medieval castle belonged to the family Roussillon, family from which it takes its name; Note that sometimes Roussillon is spelled Roussilhe in ancient documents.
In the fourteenth century, the second One Hundred Years War opposod the French and the English. Raymond Antéjac, the Roussillon lord, the king of England recognized the king of England s right to the French crown and opened his castle to the English in 1355.
In the sixteenth century, the Roussillon lord rallied to the Protestants cause during the religious wars that marked the century.
In 1632, John III of Gontaud-d’Oriolle received King Louis XIII, who stopped in Roussillon for lunch, in the present great reception room,  called “Chambre de Madame” at that time.
In 1728, Antoine-François-de Gontaud Cabrerets who owned, in addition to Roussillon, the castle of Caberets where he preferred  to reside, and so leased out the fortress. The “chambre de Madame “  is divided into three rooms by partitions to serve as housing for farmers. Abandoned by the lords, Roussillon had lost its splendor.
If the castle itself is somewhat maintained, the surrounding land is a source of wealth. The hill that dominates the old fortress is covered with vines.
During the French revolution Roussillon was no longer a symbol of power, and as such it was not a victim of working-class justice. But its ruins got worse in the early nineteenth century when the heirs of Sergeant Gontaud- Biron sell it to the steward of the property who systematically dismantled it to sell the stones that were then used to build the houses of the local villages.
In 1958, Pierre and Marcelle Mailhol, teachers in secondary schools in Cahors, fell in love with the castle ruins. Passionates for old stones, they bought Roussillon and undertook its restoration. At that time, the castle was buried up to the level of the first floor and sometimes the second by the rubble. One could hardly guess its architecture. Tremendous work has been done to renovate three towers and two main buildings and the “Chamber of Madame”, who has found her former splendour. Jean-François Mailhol, the current owner continues with passion the work begun by his parents.

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Château Lifestyle

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Activities around

The castle of Roussillon is located in the town of Saint-Pierre-Lafeuille, 5 minutes from Cahors, a town with a flourishing past as shown by the famous bridge Valentré, fortified art, referenced as World Heritage by UNESCO as a part of St Jame’s Path.
Discover the Lot valley, bordered by high cliffs where is perched the village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is perched. After Cahors, the Lot valley get bigger, the cliffs give way to terraces: it is there that grow Cahors wines, popular since the Middle Ages by kings and nobles. On the limestone hillsides around Montcuq, the vineyards of the hills of Quercy has found its place. Not to mention the wine country of the Lot, including the one cultivated around Rocamadour.
In the north, the Dordogne valley offers its proud castles, Castelnau-Bretenoux, Montal and exceptional villages such as Carennac.
The limestone lands, or “Causses”, small oak forests, sprinkled with dry stone constructions are part of the Regional Nature Park of the Quercy. The Lot department has four. The further north, the Causse of Martel is less arid and recalls the Correze; between the Dordogne and Lot, the Causse of Gramat famous for its flagship sites, Rocamadour and Padirac abyss; between Cele and Lot, the equivalent in miniature, the plateau of Causse de Cajarc also called Gréalou; and on the other side of the high cliffs of the Lot, the Causse of Limogne, kingdom of truffles.

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Practical information

The castle of Roussillon is located 10 km north of Cahors 1 km east of Saint-Pierre Lafeuille.

The property consists of three towers and one large centralizing edifice.

The tower of the Barbican :
 This tower is located at the entrance opening onto the first courtyard. It has an area of ​​90 m2 spread over four levels, to accommodate 7 people. It consists of a living room, two bedrooms on the mezzanine, kitchen and a bathroom.
The tower of the chapel :
It is a vaulted great room that opens onto the second courtyard. It has an area of ​​45 m2 which can accommodate 5 people and has a shower room with WC.
The large main building southwest of the tower consists of the stables, the reception hall, large studio, and a beautiful vaulted cellar.
The Tower of the Stables:  70 m2 spread over three levels and to accommodate 5 persons in two bedrooms. There is also a small bathroom and a kitchen that communicates with the large reception room.
The House of Madam : the banquet hall of Louis XIII, formerly called “House of Madame,” an area of ​​110 m2, can accommodate a reception for 110 persons.
The House of Monsieur : following on from the reception hall, is the “House of M.”, a studio of 70 m2 which can accommodate 4 persons. It is equipped with a shower and toilet and a kitchen.
Below this main building, a beautiful vaulted cellar of 80 m2 with a beautiful volume, is accessible by the second court. It can accommodate 150 persons for cocktails.
In total, an area of ​​465 m2 at your disposal, to house 21 persons and 110 persons for a reception.
Details of equipment :
– 3 fully equipped kitchens: oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine TV, stereo, internet access.
– Heating in all rooms
– Activities: tennis, table football, board games, children’s games, French lawn bowling, library
– For babies : a baby bed, high chair, changing mat
– For the reception : 10 panels of 150 cm diameter, 9 rectangular tables, 100 chairs

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