Rent a French Chateau for Your Vacation

Rent a French Chateau for Your Vacation

We have a selection of hand picked chateau across France to rent for your next holiday. They all differ in history and size. But in common they have a devotion to the idea of sharing a holiday with those you love in a place you can all relax. Imagine a vacation with friends or family you rarely see, in a historical home that can accommodate everyone comfortably. Spaces outside for exploring, lounging and eating. And spaces inside for quiet reading, cooking, partying, playing and sleeping. This is the magic of the family chateau. This is the magic of the French lifestyle.

During the seasons, the chateau shifts and flows according to the light. The garden yields in spring, summer and fall. Many of our families still gather their greens from their gardens. They value the older ways of life while embracing modern ones. Votre Chateau de Famille was created to share all of this with you. It is a part of our heritage.

#shareachateau is a hashtag that we coined to encourage multiple families to rent one chateau. Because most of them can sleep 22 - 50 people, it only makes sense to think of a new way to enjoy these historical homes. With space and activities for everyone, big and small, you will not feel like you are on top of each other. Sharing also lowers the cost of the weekly rental of the chateau so that it becomes extremely affordable to vacation in France. You and your friends can go wine tasting in Burgundy or bike riding in the Loire Valley. There are so many local varieties of cheese, honey, foie gras, charcuterie to try, you won’t tire of big lunches around the table. You will all enjoy wine from local vineyards and fresh baguettes from the bakery in the village near by.

Discover our chateaux below and discover Votre Chateau de Famille.

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