Ecological Holidays at the Chateau

When Ecological Values and Château Lifestyle go Together

“It begins with me” . These days ecological theories have evolved beyond the idea that acting for the climate implies drastic changes in our way of living. Most of us are concerned about the future of our planet and the impact that our actions have on its future. One young thinker and writer that is encouraging us to take small steps in our everyday life that will have a real impact is Julien Vidal. His book “It begins with me” encourages us all to concerned by the future of our planet, and invites us to implement simple and concrete actions.

Slow-life Holidays = Ecological Holidays

Heavily influenced by the concepts of slow food, slow city, slow life, thinking which began in the 1980’s to counter the rise of consumption like fast food, and fast fashion, Vidal encourages us to minimize our personal impact by coming back to our roots, and connecting with the earth to cherish it. Spending holidays in the country, surrounded by nature, reconnecting to a natural rhythm is one of the most powerful ways to learn to cherish the Earth and ourselves, again.

Votre Château de Famille : A Joyful Experience of Holiday Life

Disconnecting from work and changing your scenery for fresh air, views of trees and fields with the stars in dark skies at night, is important to the health and happiness of our souls. Choose a family estate in France where Votre Château de Famille is already waiting for you.The beauty of the French countryside will not be missed from the windows of our chateaux. No street lights at night, no trucks rumbling by or motorcycles in the middle of the night. Sleep with open windows and clean air, the stars and moon being the only light. You will be able to feast on local fruits and vegetables during the day that restore your body’s natural bio nutrients and detoxify your system.

Spending one’s holidays in a chateau is good for the global planet, the Earth and a life rooted in traditional cultures. It is also a way, last but not least, of preserving our patrimony (in its etymological meaning of “what we inherited from our fathers”). Because in many of our chateaux you will be the successor of ten or more generations who inhabited in this exceptional setting before you.