Who are we?

Our philosophy

Votre Château de Famille brings together chateau owners who are all united by their passion for old houses. Some have had a property in their family for centuries, others have fallen in love with a castle more recently, but what they all have in common is a true love story.


Our châteaux are not hotels. Very often, time has left wrinkles on the walls of the facades, the parquet floors have been worn down by generations of clogs, heels, shoes… Children have been born there, grown up there, run along the corridors, eat jam in secret with the complicity of a loving grandmother. In the evenings, some of them would gather around the pool table while others would chat in the living room over a camomile tea, in those days when places were designed for conviviality.


Welcoming other families means a lot for us: it’s the pleasure of thinking that others can, like us, for a week’s holiday, a weekend or a wedding, become lords and welcome their loved ones in exceptional places. Of course, for us it is also a way to better maintain and renovate our houses and to succeed together in preserving a historic cultural heritage.


We entrust our houses to you, with a certain pride, a certain emotion, and the conviction that you will occupy it with your family or friends as we do ourselves, respecting and appreciating it. We give you the keys, you are at home.


Votre Château de Famille is much more than a website for renting beautiful homes. Originally, Hervé and Catherine Gasiglia created it after buying the Château de Riveneuve du Bosc, they needed to rent it out to pay for the renovation of the historic site. And then, little by little, it became a community of castle owners and tenants who share the same values: a sense of hospitality, solidarity, respect for nature, people and beautiful things, and the joy of gathering: “together, that’s everything”.


In order to stick to those values, Votre Château de Famille has established an ethical charter that each member of Votre Château de Famille’s team and each owner undertake to honour at every stage of the rental of the châteaux.


Votre Château de Famille is committed to two fundamental principles: respect and inclusion. This commitment, shared by everyone involved with Votre Château de Famille, ensures that all potential tenants feel welcome in our châteaux regardless of their origin, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. The Votre Château de Famille’s community promotes understanding and openness between different cultures while eliminating any type of prejudice, discrimination or intolerance.

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Our team

Votre Château de Famille has an original organisation with a team based in Paris and a network of regional delegates: the “Châteaux Girls”. The Paris office centralizes the administrative and commercial functions while the “Châteaux Girls”, themselves château owners, weave a real network of châteaux near their own.


This organisation allows us to know the châteaux perfectly and to offer a better service to our tenants thanks to the synergy between the châteaux: if the château of their choice is not available, we offer them a château that meets their needs. In the same way, Parisian sales teams dedicated to a particular region make it possible to aim for a primary objective: a tailor-made service when renting a castle.

Votre Château de Famille is defined as a cooperative of castle owners who pool their resources. One of the advantages is that we can offer “the right price”, as we do not have to pay an intermediary platform between the tenant and the owner. In addition, this allows the tenant to establish a relationship of trust and direct contact with the owner before even booking.


The Paris team is made up of Catherine Gasiglia, owner of Château de Riveneuve and founder of the group, Thibault Corneloup, sales director, and Gabriel Cottais, financial director. The team is also assisted by a webmaster, a designer, and a digital communication specialist.

This original organisation, driven by a cooperative spirit based on solidarity between owners, has proved its worth: since 2008, when it was created, Your Family Castle has accumulated more than 200,000 overnight stays.


Our hybrid organisation, which combines business management professionals and castle owners with experience in renting out their castle, is consistent with our twofold vocation: on the one hand, to share with families from all over the world the joy of staying in a castle and to help them discover the French art of living in comfortable and authentic residences; on the other hand, to work towards safeguarding the French heritage With its skills in finance, marketing and business development, the Votre Château de Famille team assists castle owners in developing their business and upgrading their castle. Votre Château de Famille has thus avoided the sale of several castles and has enabled many castles to be maintained and embellished and thus to develop the French cultural and historical heritage.


Catherine Gasiglia


HEC Business School, 25 years experience in Finance, Founder of Votre Château de Famille. Owner of Château de Riveneuve


Thibault Corneloup

Sales Director

Master in Tourism Marketing, ESGCI School.

Photo site Gabriel

Gabriel Cottais

Administrative and Financial Director

Master of Finance, NEOMA


Christine Lécole

Châteaux Girl Vallée du Rhône

Christine Lécole died of cancer in October 2020. Without her,Votre Chateau de Famille would not exist. She is still in our hearts. She was a Doctor of Pharmacy, IAE of Paris, and owner with her sister of the Château de Montplaisant.


Roseline Bonleu

Châteaux Girl Normandy

PhD in Géopolitics, 20 years of experience both as geopolitics risk analyst and teacher. Owner of Château du Bois de la Lune


Geneviève Carayon

Châteaux Girl Vallée de la Garonne

ESSEC-DEA Business School. 25 years experience in management. Owner of Château de Gourdourville

joanna johnston

Joanna Johnston

Photographer and Community Manager

Masters of Architecture Canada, 10 years experience in Architecture and Photography. VCF Community Manager, Photographer and Visual Design

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Our owners’ testimonials

Propriétaires du Château de Bonnac

Marie-Thérèse et René de Laportalière

Honorary members of Votre Château de Famille

A tribute in a few words to a handsome old man paying a visit of Chateau Bonnac, our castle, a beautiful day of summer 2007. He was part of the club “Old French Houses” (V.M.F) of the Ariège district . Impressed by the designer gifts of my wife, Mr Yvan Amat told us about his beloved daughter, Catherine, who had just bought the nearby castle of Riveneuve du Bosc. He proposed us to organize a meeting with her, as we had just made the decision to market weddings in our castle. It has been for us the opportunity to be the first owner of a castle to fall under the charm of Catherine, now Directrice Générale de Votre Château de Famille. In that time, my brother in law was thinking to open his castle, Chateau de Seyre, to weddings and holiday vacations without knowing precisely how to handle the problem. My wife (and his sister) organized the meeting with Catherine, an opportunity that seemed almost miraculous to him. In no time, Catherine had re-designed the castle and taken charge of marketing chateau de Seyre. Impressed by the results, a soon as next summer, we made the decision with my wife to entrust the trade charge of chateau Bonnac to Catherine. It was the beginning of the rise of Votre Chateau de Famille, based on the tripode Bonnac, Riveneuve, and Seyre.


Rebecca Gregory

Château La Commanderie

My parents bought Château la Commanderie when I was a child. They wanted to leave Paris and its hassles for a rural living in the post Mai 68s philosophy. My mother Marie-France had studied Art history at the Ecole du Louvre, and devoted herself for years at the renewal of what was but a ruin. Following her untimely death, I made the decision to assume the responsibility of my “mother’s castle” (to copy French writer Pagnol’s bestseller), and the castle where my roots are. 30 years later, I don’t regret the unreasonable decision I’ve made. After many years dedicated to my two children and my passion for the carving of sculpture in metal, I’ve opened La Commanderie since 2008 for hosts to rent it, for family events, events or seminars. Located in the heart of the country of Catharism, between Toulouse and Carcassonne, La Commanderie is an out of time location surrounded by a 4 ha park, with centuries old trees amidst genuine rural settings.


Catherine et Hugues de Bretagne

Château de La Bijoire

Catherine et Hervé Gasiglia

Château de Riveneuve

Thanks to the families who come from France or the whole World (and, most of the time, come again), to fill our house with happiness, love and laughs ! Thanks also to the castle’s owners who trust us and have made the decision to join us in this beautiful venture “Votre Château de Famille”.


Frédéric et Marie-Laurence Beutter

Château du Trioulou

Frédéric and Marie-Laurence Beutter and their seven children hope that you will spend a pleasant stay in the Trioulou. Its large park, its large reception rooms and its more intimate rooms make it a dedicated place to indulge, to gather or party with your friends and family from all generations. They wish you to be as happy spending time there as they are themselves !


Jean-François Mailhol

Château de Roussillon

As Victor Hugo wrote it in 1832: “in any building, there are two dimensions: the first one is the way it is used, which is the sole owner’s decision, the second one is its beauty, which belongs to everybody, you, me, all of us…”. I entrust chateau Roussillon to my guests so that by inhabiting it, they may profit by its beauty during the time of their stay. And by so doing, they participate in safeguarding Roussillon, enabling me to heal its wounds…


Hugues du Rouret et Victoria, sa fille

Château de Châteauneuf

For four centuries within the same family, Châteauneuf is more of a luxury house than a traditional Château that will open its several windows to welcome its family. The Mediterranean Sea, that you can see beyond the hills, reminds the brilliant maritime past of the ancestors of Hugues du Rouret. Florence, his wife, brought to this house rich of history and memories, a more personal and artistic touch. Both of them, along with their five daughters, created a warm atmosphere, also by organizing parties and musical performances during many years. The old stones are definitely impregnated. Victoria, the youngest of the siblings, is now helping to give Chateauneuf a new vocation: Welcoming other families there,wishing the guests to be as happy spending time there than they are themselves.


Patrice et Bab de Varax

Château de Sédaiges

Sédaiges is more than anything else a family place for the last 25 generations, alive, where all the charms of the old lifestyle survive, the sweetness of the « once upon a time » holidays, butwith all the comfort of our century. It is then the discovery of a real museum, where furnituresand objects are talking about the past, in the medieval rooms, or in the 18th and 19th century’srooms. It is also a vast house, with nooks and crannies, full of light thanks to its large windows, plunging into the lush garden of the huge park. Everything is thought for large families. It is finally being surrounded by the calm charm of a beautiful valley, leading to the Auvergne Volcanoes’ park, its lakes and its monuments. A little known place, but of which Lonely Planet announce as a major destination in the next coming years.


Geneviève Carayon

Château de Goudourville

Sharing, sharing and sharing ! Sharing a superb location, rich with histories and exceptional destinies ! sharing unique moments of feast, happiness, big family or friends gatherings, creating unforgettable memories. Opening oneself to others and sharing beautiful projects and cultural events, a castle is a magical location for gathering people sharing the best of themselves. Welcome in our castle !


Roseline et Eric Bonleu

Château du Bois de la Lune

Didier Bayzelon

Château de Pralong

Our home has always been open to family and friends, for weddings, family feasts or events…Votre Château de Famille has enabled us to beautify our house, while allowing increasing numbers of people to experience, for some days of big importance for them, life in exceptional locations.


Bénédicte du Cheyron Monroe

Château de Loustaou

For the last three centuries, Château Loustaou has had family members working in South America, Asia or Martinique… and gathering in Loustaou to periodically meet again. We carry on the family tradition, that’s why we are happy to have guests share our house and help us make it live.


René Walgraffe

Château de La Douve

Joining Votre Château de Famille network, I have found a common dedication to patrimony preservation, the same love of old houses, the same will to give a new life to these old big sleepy castles. Welcome to Château La Douve, previous property of Marquis d’Armaillé ! An ancient property, sometimes a bit « temperemental » but nevertheless endearing ! You’ve got to treat with mercy, tolerance and curiosity as for any historical location, it’s the price to pay to enjoy the charm of old buildings, with no other experience comparable.

Rodolphe Blavy

Rodolphe Blavy

Château de Montgoger

As the new owner of Château Montgoger, I think it is a location the charm of which you simply can’t escape: the charm of its magnificient park with centuries old trees, its so romantic historic ruins, its intimate and nevertheless fastuous orangerie. After 850 years, Montgoger comes back to a new life and dreams, and is definitely born again for a new personal project. After a childhood in Africa, studies in Paris and Cambridge, a job in Washington, then Europe as the boss of the diplomatical mission of FMI, I have found in Montgoger the place to calm down and resource.

Propriétaires du château de Villers

Stéphanie et Luc Domergue

Château de Villers-en-Ouche

Dear hosts, we are pleased to give you the keys of a new universe, Chateau Villers-en-Ouche : you are going to live in a place which has not changed for the last 400 years, in an unique location inhabited first by gallo-romains 1 500 years ago, then by the monks of Saint-Evrould, and which has been beautifully renewed in the classicism century. Everything has been thought of and worked on: the balanced proportions of the building, its right orientation to feet the sun race, even a moon dial ! Should you think of changing even by a single yard the inner space of the rooms, the length of the main courtyard, the curve of the orchard walls, the pool or the Trianon sizes… everything would turn to seem unbalanced. “They take away the sun from the universe those who live with no friendship” Ciceron. Have a friendly stay in Villers and do not forget to describe your own experience of Villers with your words in our “Livre d’Or”.


Véronique et Tanguy de Nantes

Château des Gaudras

It was such a big joy when we finally succeed in buying the chateau Les Gaudras, where our grandmother had lived and where so many of our memories nested. We have invested to create new rooms, and improve the “orangerie” in order to host receptions and weddings. Today, it has become so nice to live in, lightly and charming while comfortable and peaceful ! All our children and grand-children enjoy hosting with us our friends. We don’t live here all year long, so as to leave Les Gaudras with great pleasure to our hosts, to live exceptional moments while enabling to improve and beautify it.

Colette et Charles Martimor

Colette et Charles Martimor

Château de Coulom

The building of our manoir began at the end of the 17th century by Jean Martimor, lawyer and notable of Mazeres. Located on the borders of Lauragais on the one hand and the Ariege valley on the other, in front of the small village of Gibel, it has been the property of our family for the last 4 centuries. In 1964, we made the decision to undertake the renovation of the building which threatened to fall into ruins. The renovation works have been carried out in accordance with the initial architecture. The façade, the two decote towers and the roofs have been included in the French national inventory of historic monuments. Our commitment to Coulom as well as all the happy memories of “spartan” vacations spent in it has led us to make this big decision. Some years after, after the swimming pool has been built, we have been seduced by the concept of “votre chateau de famille” created by an other chatelaine, Catherine Gasiglia: we offer other people to experiment the pleasure of living the “vie de chateau” in Coulom, and it enables us to pay for the preservation and the embellishment of the buildings of the domain.

Propriétaires du château de Rouzaud

Katie et Edward Brooke

Château Rouzaud
Château Saint-Blaise domaine, les propriétaires

Fratrie La Bouillerie

Château de La Bouillerie

Staying at the Château de La Bouillerie means discovering what has made the family of the same name so happy for nearly 3 centuries! Nestled within a 350-hectare estate, between pastures, crops and forests, the castle and its listed site are a haven of serenity and comfort, where everyone can indulge in the thousand inspirations of the place: music, walking, reading, sport, cooking, discovery of the region... An experience where history, culture and the art of living play an important part and which we hope will give you a faithful insight into the resources of our beautiful region. Thierry and France de La Bouillerie's 4 children will be very involved in the project of bringing this place of family and local history to life. They will be delighted to welcome you so that you can share wonderful moments with your family or friends.


Christine Lécole et Elisabeth Rebillard

Château de Montplaisant

Votre Château de Famille is an innovative business model invented by passionate people caring for history and patrimony. In contrast to usual renting services, human dimension is key, and that’s what has made right away the difference. From the first day on, we have profited by very personal advices, perfectly tailored to the specific case of our family castle. We can’t but appreciate this collaboration which has proven to be profitable.


Odile Polette-Compain

Château de La Meynardie

A family property for several generations, La Meynardie has been at the heart of our history since our childhood. It has always been a place of welcome and charm for its guests, of beauty and serenity, vibrating with benevolent waves. A very present soul in a refined residence where the intimate and warm rooms, as well as the large majestic rooms, call for sharing and conviviality. They are extended by a large park, which offers an infinite view of the magnificent landscapes of the Périgord. The expression of a certain art of living, in this region of France known for its beauty, its history, its delicacies... Passionately attached to our house, to its preservation and embellishment, as well as to the human dimension, we entrust it to heritage lovers so that they can bring it to life and spend, like us, great moments of happiness there.

Propriétaires du château de Garraube

Mr. and Mrs. Garnier

Château de Garraube

Garraube is a chateau full of charm, in the heart of a 270-hectare property, with parkland, meadows and forests; it is a real nature reserve, home to a very well-preserved fauna and flora; it is an alternation of hills and valleys particularly rich in springs, streams, ponds... You can enjoy a great deal of peace and quiet, barely disturbed by the singing of birds, the murmur of water and the cries of joy from children. Located in the Périgord, east of Bergerac, very close to the Dordogne valley, Garraube was built in the 17th century and modified in the 18th and 19th centuries. Garraube has only known two families: the Valleton de Garraube family, for 450 years, and our own, which has just passed the 100-year mark. We took over the property when my grandfather died in 1989; he had already made the house very comfortable, and we strive to keep it alive and in good condition, while preserving its elegance. My wife, Mahaut, has devoted herself to restoring the park, the gardens, the vegetable garden... To stay at Garraube is to take advantage of an exceptional setting and peace while benefiting from the many possibilities offered by a very rich tourist region. Welcome to Garraube. Henri Garnier

Propriètaires du château d’Esplas

Mr. and Mrs. Harlin

Château d'Esplas

Welcome to the Château d'Esplas! This château is a square-shaped enclosure flanked by three circular towers and a square tower. The keep and adjoining dwelling date from the 14th century, while the other buildings date from the 15th century, and the château has been through the Hundred Years' War! Completely restored in the 2000s, its 11 bedrooms, large old kitchen, 2 lounges, lower room with large fireplace, video room and heated swimming pool guarantee a luxurious, relaxing and comfortable stay in the midst of unspoilt nature.