Marriage: A Promise of Love, A Commitment for Life

Hold your wedding in a private chateau in France; 4 or 7 days with your family all together and organize a secular or religious ceremony, celebrate and accommodate your family, before during and after the big day.

Marriage: A Promise of Love, A Commitment for Life

A successful marriage takes place in three stages: the time of emotion, the time of joy and finally the time of commitment. Emotion and joy are often at hand, but what about commitment? Marriage basically means “I undertake not to let go”, a commitment in the full sense of the word , where there equivalent in all our other forms of social existence.
The Church has fully understood this fundamental need, which accounts for making marriage a sacrament, unlike republican marriage. Who is not disappointed by the move to the Town Hall, even more so in a large Town Hall where you have to take your place in the queue waiting for the Mayor to finish with the previous wedding?
If we do not believe in a religion, we must nevertheless be able to make this union sacred, after all what is at stake is a drastic change in the lives of two beings: the creation of an indissoluble couple, “till death us part”. The presence of witnesses is part of this idea of an irrevocable contract, each of the spouses convenes trusted persons to ensure that the commitment is both public and attested by trusted guarantors.

Hold your wedding at a Chateau: a unique place that celebrates being together

The real challenge of a successful marriage therefore lies in the intelligence of the future bride and groom to ensure that their marriage achieves this symbolic dimension, beyond the moments of celebration and emotion.
Hence the importance of explicitly building the sequences of your event in this perspective of lifelong commitment: a moment of emotion, of course, a moment of joy, but also and above all, a serious and very strong moment when two individuals make the commitment to create a couple and if possible a family.
Celebrating all the special moments of your wedding in one location with many options; this is what the exclusive rental of a chateau offers you for your wedding weekend. You can organize the secular or religious ceremony on the private grounds or in the chateau itself. A priest can celebrate a blessing in the open air, or use a celebrant who can help you can help you create a lay ceremony. After the ceremony comes the party! The wine of honour can be offered in the park or in the castle’s lounges, the banquet followed by evening dancing in the castle’s large reception rooms, then the brunch the next day by the pool. As you make rich memories throughout your time at the chateau, your guests will be a part of your story.

Image de pop up montrant le château de Rubelles au bout d'un canal