Organise a festive weekend at the castle for a birthday or a wedding

A reception to organise for a birthday or a wedding? Here is a technical sheet of the steps to receive and amaze your loved ones in your family castle for a weekend or a week, for a birthday or a wedding: A four-beat waltz, movement by movement.

Choosing your family chateau: 1st time of the waltz!

Choose the castle of your dreams, the one that suits you, on our website .

The region, the style of the château, the leisure activities on offer, the sleeping and reception capacities, the services offered (stewardship, catering…) and of course your budget are all criteria that will enable you to make a pre-selection.

Become a lord for a few days: the 2nd beat of the waltz.

– Make an availability request on the site explaining your project, your preferences and your constraints. The team at Votre Château de Famille will be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible and to advise you.
– For large events, if you have difficulty visualising the spaces, a visit can be organised.
– Once you have made your choice, an option is available until the rental contract is sent to you by e-mail.
– After reading it, you can then send it back signed by email and accompanied by your deposit to finalise your reservation.
– Remember to make a note in your diary:
– The due date for payment of the balance of the rent.
– The date on which you will receive the deposit cheque and the “civil liability” insurance certificate, which you can already request from your insurance company. Please note that some châteaux are classified and a supplement may be required. If necessary, we can give you the addresses of specialised insurers if yours refuses to cover the event.
Once these few formalities have been completed, you can choose the pace of the preparations.

Choosing your rhythm: the 3rd beat of the waltz

When you sign the contract, you will have the contact details of the owner of the château and the external service providers who work there regularly. Contact them if you have any needs or questions. You are free to make your own choices and nothing prevents you from preferring service providers you already know.
There are two possible rates:
– You don’t want to get carried away by the whirlwind of preparations during your stay because it’s your party and you want to make the most of it. In most châteaux, you can delegate all the logistics to a housekeeper or caterer (shopping, meals, service, decoration, DJ, orchestra, welcoming service providers, etc.). In this case, as they are used to working at the château, they will be able to advise you. You can choose your services beforehand by studying their estimates and proposals.  On the big day, all you have to do is welcome your friends and family and let yourself be carried away. The service providers will be there to take care of the logistics for you.
– If you want to take charge of the organisation with your friends and family and enjoy the preparations, decorate yourself, cook, prepare the barbecue, do the washing up while chatting… In addition to the pleasure of entertaining, you will enjoy living together while making the most of the skills of each of your loved ones. In all the castles, you will find the necessary equipment to prepare dinners but also games like at home. Often, the backstage of receptions and small faux pas often make the charm of a good stay.

Specify the timing: the 4th beat of the waltz.

One week before your stay, don’t forget to contact the owner or the housekeeper to agree on the time you expect to arrive so that she can give you a tour of the property, explain the instructions for use and check-in.

It’s done, you’re ready to welcome your loved ones, live the life of the Château with them, enjoy your reception and let yourself waltz!

Would you like to organise your birthday or your wedding at the castle?