Holidays with your dog in a chateau in France

Like a lord, walk in his park or woods accompanied by his most faithful companion, his dog. This is possible in several of our rental châteaux where your dogs can accompany you for a weekend or a week’s holiday with your family. Contact us for more information!

Week-end or holidays at the chateau in France with your dog

Our dog is part of our family. It is always difficult to leave him during our weekends or holidays, especially as it is precisely during these privileged moments that we have more time to devote to him.

When you stay in a chateau with your family or friends, you can also take the time to walk your dog freely without a leash, to play with him, to let him discover the undergrowth of a park, to watch him dozing under a hundred-year-old oak tree, at the corner of a fireplace or at the foot of a majestic staircase?

Making your dog happy means offering him space just for him in your company and sharing your happy moments with your family.

The dog and the family chateau: Art and tradition 

The family dog has its rightful place in the family chateau and this is not a legend, as all the images we love so much attest… such as the credits of the magnificent Downton Abbey series with the Earl of Grantham and Isis, his Golden Retriever.

Even if the tradition is difficult to perpetuate today, dogs still have a privileged place in family castles. They accompanied hunters to recover their game. As hunting partners, they could, like their masters, take pride in the trophies which were the pride of the castles of the time. Hunters, but also guardians and above all faithful companions of man, dogs are the soul and the very essence of our countryside and our traditional castles. Moreover, they are often brought to light in our castles, as can be seen in the many paintings, photos, sculptures glorifying them, even personalising them and sometimes even a small stele at the bottom of a park!

Would you like to spend a holiday or a weekend with your family and your dog?