Modern Wedding Takes Centre Stage at Medieval Chateau

We have a lot of weddings at our chateaus every year. It’s hard to count how many, but they are at the core of why we love what we do. Each one is unique and special of course, each one a reflection of a couple, of a family, set against the beautiful backdrop of a French chateau. Of our 27 chateaus, 21 of them are equipped to host weddings. We are unique on the French wedding venue market because unlike other chateaus, the family or friends of the bridal party can stay at the chateau. They are so big – there is room for everyone! But I digress!  Back to the love story at hand.

Wedding photography captures your love story

Julien-Rouvelou of Streetfocus Photography, based out of Paris, is a visual story teller. Hired by  Charlie and Julien, a French – British couple from Paris to document their summer nuptials, their day was filled with laughter, love and music. And we weren’t even there! It is all in the pictures.


Medieval chateau sets the stage for romance

Set against the medieval backdrop of Chateau Rousillion, their family and friends gathered to prepare, witness and then party into the night. The castle was originally a 13th century fortress that was converted into a domestic castle in the 16th century. In its glory days there were 8 towers, 3 principal buildings, a chapel and a cloister. All that remain now are 3 towers, 2 courtyards and one large principal building. One famous visitor, King Louis the 13th, father of the Sun King, stopped for lunch and took his meal in the ‘Chambre de Madame’ which is still there today.

A wedding venue that has it all

With its long history and romantic setting, the chateau was a perfect stage for the day to unfold. The wedding preparations, the outdoor ceremony, the dinner party and the night time dance party flowed seamlessly, thanks to the infectious personalities at the centre of it all. Hats off to the wedding planner and the service providers who helped put the day together.


If it is true, and a picture is worth 1000 words, then my words fall flat in the essay of love that you can read in these pictures.




To see all of Julien’s work on his site:


Robe mariée: Céline de Monicault  Costume marié : Confident Paris 

Chaussures de la mariée : Jonak Chaussures du marié : Mr Moustache

Coiffure : Marion Legrand la.loouve,

Maquillage : Done by bride, lesson from Sarah Wandee Make Up

Alliances : Catherine Mitchell catherinepearlyqueen

Traiteur : Les Mijoteurs 

Gâteaux : Beziat Freres

Fleurs : Les fleurs du Moulinat

Nappes et serviettes : locvaisselle46 ,

Guirlandes : Guinguette Location

Photobooth : Wild Stories DJ: Les disquaires wedding Groupe : Butcher’s Rodeo

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