Slow life at the castle

Live for a weekend or for holiday vacations in a castle. You will discover a place out of time, and experience in the same time genuine luxury and living in the heart of nature, slow life and modern comfort

Relaxing in a castle in the heart of nature

Chateau La Meynardie is surrounded by a vast park, with French garden with terraces overlooking pastures where sheeps graze, a forest and fields with a brook in the middle of them.
Everyone may find a quiet place to read or rest in transats in the shadow of hundred-
year-old lime trees; or on the contrary gather around vast tables for sharing breakfast or diner with the group.

Picking your fruits and vegetables in the bio vegetable garden of the castle :

The property has its own bio vegetable garden with fruits, vegetables, flowers, and an old greenhouse, just by the tennis and the swimming pool. Available at the right season for your lunch sweet chestnuts and ceps in autumn, pumpkins in winter, and
tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, raspberries, grapes…

The 4 seasons at the castle

In summer, bouquets are made of dry hydrangeas, flamboyant rhododendrons, roses with extraordinary scents, and lime blossoms are picked to make drinks with forgotten tastes.
In autumn fall, you may pick mushrooms in the fields, hearing sheeps and lambs bleat, and even sometimes deers bramble. Bicycling in the park or on the small roads around the property is the opportunity to be in the nature with all its colours, before winter comes with its evenings by the fire.
Renting chateau La Meynardie, in winter or in summer, for a week or a weekend is the opportunity to experience simple life’s moments for the happiness of young and old happy, in a great refined historical setting.
Tempted by this bucolic vocation ?