Stay at Château de Briat, the art of living in Armagnac.

Living the life of a country gentleman producer of Armagnac

The Château de Briat, located in the historic heart of the Armagnac vineyards, is a small jewel of elegance with all the discreet charm of the provincial manors of our terroirs. The oldest part of the castle, owned by Jeanne d’Albret, mother of King Henri IV, was built in 1540. Enlarged under Louis XIV, this former hunting lodge has been modernized by the current owners, descendants of the Baron Pichon-Longueville family, and producers of Armagnac.
Renting this vineyard and winery, producer of a world-renowned Armagnac, offers you the privilege of living the life of a country gentleman producer of an Armagnac that matures in the vineyards and cellar of a private estate of 60 hectares planted with vines and woods, with its swimming pool and tennis court.
The property was bought in 1861 by the famous Pichon-Longueville family, producers of Bordeaux. Since that date, five generations of the same family have succeeded each other in the production of Armagnac. Just cross the courtyard and push the doors of the cellar built in 1761 to admire the oak barrels lovingly arranged in cohorts several meters high.

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To rent the Château de Briat is to share a family passion for good living:

“Nothing great is achieved without passion” Victor Hugo.
Stéphane de Luze, the current owner of Château de Briat, carries on the family heritage with passion. His vocation to gather the fruits of the earth, to transcend them to obtain authentic Armagnacs, is accompanied by another desire: to accompany the precious elixir in its new and legitimate rise. Far from the big productions that other more popular spirits enjoy, Armagnac has always preserved its rarity.
Armagnac sells barely 5 million bottles per year worldwide, while Cognac sells 200 million bottles, whisky and rum about 500 million!
“When you taste Armagnac, whatever it is, know that you are drinking an extremely rare and exceptional product by its authenticity and its character” says Stéphane de Luze.
The vines of the Briat, Pichon-Longueville estate, whose grape varieties are Baco, Colombard or Folle Blanche, have a deliberately limited production. The agriculture is reasoned. A long distillation process, a maturing and an aging in Gascon oak barrels, from which the Armagnacs will retain their amber color and an exceptional maturity, give these bottles their unique character, fine and powerful at the same time. An eau de vie to be savored during precious moments and whose quintessence and poem the domain entrusts you.

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Vacations at the castle of Briat, happiness and farniente

Renting this place of culture of the senses, it is also to practice with happiness the art of far-niente to reset a body and a mental exhausted by a year of work. The 20m x 8m pool is discreetly tucked away in a corner of the park overlooking the south-facing lawns. The view from there goes all the way to the Pyrenees, if the sun’s rays through the foliage of the hundred-year-old trees haven’t already prompted you to take a well-deserved nap.
For your vacations or a weekend, there is no need to fly for hours to find yourself “happy as a clam in France”, in a place that is a world heritage site for its history, its gastronomy, its wines and its quality of life. This culture of eating well and living well is also found in the entirely organic vegetable garden of the Château de Briat, without pesticides or fertilizers!
The interior of the castle offers you the comfort of its rooms which have kept their charm of yesteryear: spiral staircases, carved beams, wooden floors of the period… for a little, one would not be surprised to meet our good king Henri IV, known as the “Vert Galant” offering his arm to some peasant girl to escort her from the large living room to the bedroom.

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Briat, Armagnac, France, country of culture and art of living.

Guillaume Appolinaire:

“Pass the days and pass the weeks,

Neither the past time nor the loves come back,

Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine “.

In this exceptional place of the castle of Briat, time and love return to offer you this immense privilege to enjoy with your family or your friends the quintessence of our French heritage, historical, gastronomic and wine.

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