Holidays at the Château de Riveneuve: walking in the footsteps of an artist

The Château de Riveneuve, a window open on the Pyrenees. Seen through the eyes of Jules de Lahondès, painter, writer and historian.

Did you know that the Château de Riveneuve belonged to Jules de Lahondès at the end of the 19th century? Considered in his time as one of the greatest archaeologists and historians of the Toulouse region, he was also a painter, in love with the landscapes of the Pyrenees. He left a strong imprint in the castle. When you arrive in Riveneuve, imagine that you are following in the footsteps of this illustrious man. Like him, you can only admire the charm of the surrounding countryside, at the foot of the resplendent Pyrenees, and the bewitching light that envelops them.

For lovers of painting, history and beautiful landscapes.

Here you are settled in a residence built in the 17th century, enlarged and decorated in 1850 by Jules de Lahondès. Painter, pupil of Joseph Latour, Maintainer of the Academy of Floral Games in Toulouse, he painted on his return from a trip to Italy the murals of Rome and Venice which decorate the large living room.  He had the fireplace carved with the coats of arms of the Lahondès family and the Exea family, for the marriage of his son Joseph to the daughter of the Marquise d’Exea. He also painted his dog Lynda in front of the castle (painting above the piano) and hollyhocks in the garden (painting on the first floor landing). When they arrived at the castle in 2000, the current owners discovered in a cellar the paintings in very bad condition, and with the help of the association VMF (Vieilles Maisons Françaises) restored three of them: the gardens of the villa Doria Pamphili in Rome (on the left of the fireplace), the Grand Canal of Venice (on the right of the fireplace) and the dog Lynda, with Riveneuve in the background.

A chateau in an exceptional setting: the Pyrenees as a skyline

Enhance your stay by following in the artist’s footsteps around the property: during your walks or footpaths, try to find the viewpoints where the painter created his paintings. How not to let yourself be bewitched by the romantic calm of this countryside dominated in the distance by the Pyrenees?

The mountains on the horizon also invite you to go on excursions: less than an hour’s drive from the Pyrenees, Riveneuve will be the base from which you can set off on a hike with family or friends. In winter, live the magical experience of crossing the Beille plateau by sleigh. The more sporty will be delighted to know that they are at the foot of an immense ski area, straddling the border between France and Spain.  In summer, set off to conquer the summits and discover hiking trails for all levels.

Leave at dawn and enjoy the still mysterious and sleepy countryside, come back at dusk, tired but happy to have shared these moments of effort, to be able to meet around the fireplace or a merry table: make your holiday a real inspiring stopover, sheltered by the walls of Votre Château de Famille.

Rent Riveneuve and discover Toulouse and its surroundings

Rent a chateau near Toulouse

You can also punctuate your stay with cultural activities: Riveneuve is less than an hour’s drive from the centre of Toulouse where you can visit the magnificent Hotel d’Assezat built in the 16th century.  It now houses the Académie des Jeux floraux, a literary society founded in 1323, probably the oldest academy in Europe, and of which Jules de Lahondès was a member.

Finally, a few kilometres from Riveneuve, the town of Pamiers is one of the stages of the Way of Saint James of Compostela which is part of the UNESCO world heritage. Leave on the road for a day to make beautiful meetings and discover the Saint Antonin cathedral built with pink bricks typical of the Toulouse region.

To rent the Château de Riveneuve is to tame the romantic countryside that surrounds it, to discover the extraordinary destiny of Jules de Lahondès, is to make the unique history of this residence your own and to enter it by bringing it to life.

Would you like to spend a holiday or a weekend at the Château de Riveneuve?