Wedding at the Château de Riveneuve in France: logbook

One spring day, my husband wanted to show me a place very close to his home, the Château Riveneuve Du Bosc in Pamiers. His wish was to do something there with me. I discover the place and I immediately fall under the charm of this castle which looks like the ideal family home. Neither too big nor too small, it is warm and inspiring.

We decide to rent the Château de Riveneuve and organise our wedding ourselves.

At the end of December 2018, the proposal made, we immediately reserve the castle for the weekend of November 11th which gives us three days of festivities!

January, I go to Métal Flaque in Paris and I choose my outfit in 5 minutes. It will be long sleeves, small collar, lace shorts and a train to soften this rock choice! Éric has his tailor-made suit made in Paris at Vestibus porte Maillot, in a tartan printed woollen fabric.

We will organise our wedding ourselves with the help of our friends from Pamiers who are craftsmen and shopkeepers for our greatest pleasure.

All breakfasts were delivered each morning by the famous and historic Maison Doussat Vital, breads, croissants and chocolatines devoured by the guests.

The floral decoration will be entirely made by my husband’s aunt, Monique, a former florist from Pamiers with flowers cut from our gardens or bought in the region. Two full days of preparation will finish to sublimate the reception hall with its crazy charm.

Before the party, it’s already party time!

We organised a “pre-party” on Friday at the Chez Xavier Fauré cellar to allow guests arriving from Corsica, Marseille and Paris to get to know each other over a glass of wine and cheese and charcuterie platters. It was an unforgettable evening which already seemed to be the wedding! Those who wanted to dine just had to cross the street to go to the Palmerio family’s restaurant Le Don Camillo to enjoy a pizza, home-made gnocchi or a big burger.

On Saturday morning, the girls went to the SL Coiffure Barber Make-up Salon run by Séverine Lagarde who was waiting for them with pastries and coffee! The preparation turned into a joyful meeting!

Séverine prepared me at 1pm with taste and I went back to the castle 5 minutes away to get dressed, because our professional photographer, the discreet Hélène Dagues, was waiting for us to start her report.

Lunch at the Château was delivered by the Doussat Vital house who had prepared quiches and plates of gourmet and easy to eat pizzas for us before leaving for the exchange of greetings!

The D-day: a wedding of anthology at the Pamiers Town Hall and a friendly atmosphere at the Château de Riveneuve.

After an anthology wedding at the town hall, we head to the Château de Riveneuve for the aperitif prepared by Philippe Raja and his team from the Hôtel de France before dinner. Philippe Raja offered us exclusively regional products in perfect harmony with the convivial atmosphere we wanted. Everything was washed down with wines from the Chez Xavier cellar, the huge platter of artisanal cheeses was prepared by Nathalie Fauré, and of course all the breads were from Maison Doussat Vital.

Finally, the wedding cake was made to measure by the pastry chef Patrick Menongbé, whose reputation is well established.

The party went on until the early morning with music arranged by Dj Latif who came from Toulouse for the occasion.

On Sundays we have planned grills for lunch, orchestrated by Joel the pizzaiolo of Don Camillo, with the delicious cream puffs and small chocolate and coffee éclairs for dessert prepared by Patrick Menongbé.

The afternoon was restful for some who enjoyed the comfort of the castle and sporting or cultural for others who were discovering the richness of the surroundings.

And before partying again on Sunday evening, Nelly Rouger ” Ma cuisine en Balade ” prepared for us an incredible giant paella for 80 people followed by a delicious croustade on a plate from the Maison Doussat Vital on Sunday evening!

And the party went on again until the early hours of the morning…

All our guests still talk to us about the wedding more than six months later! New groups of friends are born! We are so happy with my husband about this success, that we have decided to rent the castle again for my next birthday!

This unprecedented crisis in our country has taught us one thing: dance while there is music!

Myriam and Eric

The right addresses for a successful wedding at the Château de Riveneuve :

Maison L’Oustal Doussat- Maryline Doussat and Christophe Vital: 05 61 67 03 38
Patisserie Patrick Menongbé: 05 61 68 75 23
La Cave Chez Xavier- Xavier Fauré : 05 34 02 12 29
Don Camillo- Palmerio Family: 09 74 19 08 09
SL Hair Barber Make-up Artist – Séverine Lagarde : 05 61 67 53 47
Hôtel de France – Caterer- Philippe Raja : 05 61 60 20 88
Nelly Rouger “Ma Cuisine en Balade” : [email protected]
DJ Latif: 06 07 29 00 06

Would you like to organise your wedding at the Château de Riveneuve?